Early Education in Preparation for Kindergarten

It’s back to school time! While many children and parents scramble to purchase new school clothes and school supplies, parents of younger children have a much bigger issue to consider. Kindergarten is a major milestone in a child’s life. Whether you are a working parent or not, it is very important to ensure your child gets the appropriate preparation for kindergarten. Parents can become involved in their toddler’s development through doing a few simple things. Parents should focus on their child’s social life, boost his self awareness, expand his mind, surround him with words, encourage nimbleness, and finally tour his school beforehand. Parents should focus on their child’s social development through enrolling their child in some kind of daycare, preschool, or an extracurricular activity such as dance or gymnastics. If these activities are unavailable, playgroups or even independent outdoor community activities are vital to a child’s social development. These types of activities as well as educational games and educational toys help teach a child how to share toys and collaborate with other children during activities.

Parents can help boost their child’s self awareness by asking the child questions about himself and his demographics, body parts, etc. Doing so also opens up a world of words to the child. Posting letters and words as well as educational toys with letters and words around the child’s atmosphere also helps the child to learn words, letters, numbers, colors, and sounds. If your child is in a daycare or preschool setting, make sure they have educational toys and help expand your child’s mind through everyday activities such as counting objects, making distinctions between concepts, and establishing an understanding of comparison of objects. Educational workbooks are also useful in both childcare settings or in a home setting. When looking for birthday or holiday gifts, parents should look for educational toys instead of video games or movies.

The importance of an early education via preschool or the right childcare setting for your child has been proven. These types of settings can help develop your child’s social, cognitive, and physical skills in preparation for kindergarten. Research shows that an appropriate preschool or childcare setting provides much needed nurture to prepare a child for kindergarten. Parents and childcare providers should also encourage nimbleness through activities which develop fine motor skills such as drawing and handling child sized tools and other objects to strengthen arms, fingers, shoulders, etc. Finally, touring your child’s school and classroom whenever possible is an important step. Parents can reduce kindergarten stress by becoming familiar with the classroom and school grounds prior to the start of school. They can also reassure their child and show their child the school at different times of the day while the students are participating in various activities. When the child is prepared, they will feel less pressure and less stress and will be more confident at the start of kindergarten and throughout the duration of his school years.

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