Education – The Essential Part in Everyone’s Life

EDUCATION! That essential part in everyone’s life which shapes the 3-Ps – the Personality, the Profession and the Position in one’s life. The word education immediately brings to mind a few things – the institute, the teachers, and the classroom and then… the homework and the exams! To most of us this seems to be a dreary, tedious and inevitable part of our lives!

Is there any way to make education an anti-thesis of drear, tedium and avoidable entity? YES! With the giant strides of advances made in technology, especially in the arena of information technology, several aspects of fun can be brought in focus in the field of education!

The exciting world of animation has definitely changed the ways of imparting knowledge! Especially during the formative years of kindergarten, and the lower grades, the initiation of learning can be done in a literally entertaining way – so much fun that the children will find it an extension of their playful days! The world of alphabets, numbers, animals, birds, plants and transports can come alive in their front! This first-hand visual experience will ensure a doubts-free learning process which is understood and retained forever!

With the facilities available on tried, tested and proven mode, this platform of teaching can be extended to all the grades from 1 to 12. The most immediate striking feature of this method of learning is that it makes the learner ‘time, distance and place independent’ apart from the nationality. For example, the process of a chemical reaction, when viewed on an animation, will help to understand it better without having to go through the process of visualization. The virtual platform serves as an ‘on line’ experience.

The latest facilities on the learning front have definitely taken the tedium and the drear out of the learning cycle. The extra hours spent on the so-called ‘tuition’ need not be thought as an extension of the classroom environment. The quizzes, puzzles and the games associated with the virtual teaching spur the interest of the learner.

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