How to Select a Private Tutor for Your Child With ADHD

Recent estimates show that around four percent of elementary-aged students have ADHD. These children have difficulty learning, particularly in classroom settings that require focus for long periods of time and don’t offer frequent breaks. When their students’ grades begin to drop, parents tend to seek out other options for learning outside the classroom. Options may include hiring a private tutor, supplementing schoolwork with online educational resources, or homeschooling.

Classrooms in today’s schools are microcosms of the world itself, and children with attention deficit disorders may have a hard time keeping up. These environments are busy, jam-packed with activities that usually require learners to be able to multi-task and grasp many concepts at once. Even children who are not diagnosed with attention deficit issues have trouble keeping up with the work, so teachers send home massive amounts of homework to ensure that learning targets are not being missed each day. Unfortunately, these children are sometimes required to learn in such an environment that doesn’t always allow time for creativity, physical activity, and frequent breaks.

For students with ADHD, it is more important than ever for parents to provide learning experiences at home that review the content of classroom lessons and school-assigned homework. At home, and with a private tutor or parent who is willing to take on the responsibility, a child can learn in an environment where he or she is most comfortable and can focus on the work at hand without distractions. They can then take this extra knowledge back to school with them and use it in tandem with their class work. In addition, opting for a private tutor can be particularly beneficial: these tutors are often a wealth of knowledge for teaching students how to take tests instead of just memorizing information.

Another method for use in tandem with traditional classroom study is online coursework. Even kids as young as kindergarten age can access courses online now. Most online education applications provide testing or quizzes to gauge where students are, so parents are aware whether or not the method is actually working. Online learning also provides games, visual learning tools, and sometimes interaction with other students – all of which are great for ADHD learners because they create more interest typical classroom activities.

Today’s students, whether suffering from attention disorders or not, are faced with many more challenges in the classroom than their parents or grandparents were. The good news is that a private tutor, online technology, and a wealth of other options for learning at home are great ways to ensure that children are being fed the knowledge they need to go forward and succeed in life.

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