The Benefits of Educational Sites For Children

Educational websites are key in helping both parents and teachers to build early academic foundations in children. Research demonstrates the earlier you begin to work with your child academically– the better!

Worksheets can be a great introduction to a child’s academic journey. These worksheets are meant to prepare students for kindergarten and beyond. It is not only worksheets, but crafts and activities that are aimed at introducing various concepts that reinforce color recognition, improving motor skills and will also introduce numbers and letters. These hands-on activities are crafted to enhance a child’s skills and also help introduce basic concepts in a fun, engaging manner.

Also these sites have a great collection of Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten activities and materials that are carefully designed to help a child. These activities introduce concepts that need to be mastered prior to entering Kindergarten. All are designed in a way that will help develop a child’s learning skills and build a strong educational foundation.

Age appropriate story books help introduce your child to Reading. Story Books introduce your child to the fundamentals of reading:

Books are to be read from front to back,
Pictures should be right side up,
Words should be read from left to the right,
Words have different sounds,
Stories have a beginning, middle and the end.

Preschoolers who are introduced to story books are more likely to have advanced literacy skills than their peers who were NOT introduced to such books. As a parent you should encourage further literacy development. Read a loud daily to your child. Choose different types of books and find the type your child is interested in. This will help build a child’s vocabulary. Also, a child will understand that the letters in the book make words. These words make sentences, and these sentences create a story. When a child understands the beginning stages of Reading, it creates the cornerstone for all future reading.

Educational websites are a great supplement to any Toddler, Preschool or Kindergarten curriculum program. The best part, these products are readily available and also very affordable for parents.

Limit television and video play daily. Instead, download an activity or craft. Have your child complete the assignment and go over it with them. Once it is completed and checked, place a sticker to reward your child’s effort. In this way, your child will want to continue working on these skill building activities and receive a reward. My best advice is–Have Fun!

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